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Check Engine Light and Diagnostics

Automotive diagnostic is important with today's newer cars, as they are controlled by the computer more than ever. Vehicles today are sophisticated and require diagnostic equipment as well as a trained technician to find out why that pesky check engine light is on. With so many sensors on today's vehicles and computers, simply pulling a code and replacing parts may cost you more money in the long run. Today's vehicles have complex computer systems that are related and give feed back to the main engine computer. When we diagnose a vehicle, we pinpoint the exact problem by inspecting and testing the system and parts in question. Often times, the problem is something as simple as a broken wire or bad connection at one of the pins. By having the right equipment and knowledge, we can diagnose a vehicle properly by getting to the root of the problem.

Mercier's 76 Auto Repair has the computer diagnostic equipment needed to check newer cars and fix common as well as problems no one else can figure out. We use original equipment parts because the computers in newer vehicles can detect even the smallest differences with lesser quality parts. Often times if a code that may suggest something like a bad catalytic converter in the exhaust system is present, we not only check the catalytic converter but the sensors that read them. Sometimes simply replacing the sensor(s) will avoid a costly repair of replacing the catalytic converters. With the diagnostic tools we have available we are able to check many makes and models on the road today.

Proper diagnostic and replacement of faulty parts will keep the check engine light from coming back on. Its important to keep in mind that if the check engine light is on and you know what it is on for, it will mask other problems that you may encounter. If you have a check engine light on, let us diagnose it properly and keep all the computer systems working properly. Many times it will save you time and money by being properly diagnosed and save you the frustration. We even work on hybrids so before taking it to the dealer give us a call at Mercier's 76 Auto Repair in Burbank, CA.

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